This is a deep one so hold onto your floaties.

I think it’s vital to tackle hard hitting subjects, because the more we are exposed to things the more normal it becomes, and the easier it becomes to talk about.

It is a dark time of year. Not just in nature, but also emotionally for many people. The lack of sunshine really affects how the body functions. (there’s more science behind this) use your preferred search engine and search for it! I could go super sciency, but that’s not the point of this particular blog…(maybe in the future).

As I was saying…more people tend to experience heightened feelings of sadness around this time of year and I think it’s important that we look out for those around us because you never know what someone is going through, you never know they could be feeling like complete and utter doo do (I told my mom I would swear less).

Rates of suicide dramatically increase at this time of year because of how hard theses feeling are to deal with for some people. It’s painful to think about how much pain another person is going through in order to take their own life, how helpless and alone they might feel. I know this might sound like a very extreme case but the truth is this is very real. It’s happening amongst us right now.

All I ask is that we all think about how we make other people feel. A simple smile could brighten a strangers day or if you’re brave say hello. Also think about how one small negative comment could tip someone over the edge. It might seem small to you but it could be a big deal to them in their world.

At the end of the day everyones world is different, I know how easy it is to stay in your own world “minding your business”, getting on with your life, to-right it’s your life you have to look after yourself first. Just take a second out of your world even if it’s just for one second or a few minutes, just to check in on those around you. Or even just try smiling…even if you have RBF, your smile could make a world of difference to someone one.

I kept this post quite short – I just wanted to put this out there and really make people think.

If this post did make you think even just a lil bit then i’m happy I’ve done what I intended to do. If it didn’t then I dunno for you.

This is what’s relevant to me in my world right now it could be relevant to you.

you never know the difference you could make to someones life.

I guess all i’m trying to say is *be someones sunshine in a period of darkness.*

Until next time…

SarahDohertyOnline x