About Me

I’m Sarah a multimedia developer. I have 7 year experience in Development & Art and Design as well as customer services. Think of me as your one stop shop for all your online needs.

I specialise in Web design and development, but I have a range of art and design skills, for example videography, video editing, Image manipulation, Graphics design, animation and more!

I don’t believe in over complicating things. Creating effective, beautiful, bold and memorable solutions is my goal. Clear Communication and transparency is what you will get from me at all times.

As I have ample knowledge and skill relating to design and technology. I am capable of providing solutions that are valuable to you and your business, which in turn will lead to satisfaction, growth, and efficiency as well as profitability.

I will break down solutions in ways that are easy for someone with zero technical knowledge to understand without being patronising. My goal is to make your life easier but also share knowledge.

My skill set and knowledge has enabled me to liaise with key stakeholders on projects to understand how best to implement creative solutions with any given budget. I’ve worked with lots of different clients including individuals, SMEs and charities.

- Technical Education & Experience -

Level 3 interactive multimedia extended diploma in art and design Distinction* Distinction* Distinction

Enurture Youth Lead – Promoting young people’s mental health in a digital world – EnurtureWebsite

Fundamentals of digital marketing 

Programming level 3

Software Methodologies level 3 

2years – Junior software engineer (Java)

HTML5 90%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 80%
SQL 75%
PHP 60%
Python 50%
Java 50%

- Art & Design Skill -

Premier Pro 70%
Adobe XD 70%
Adobe After Effects 65%
inVision 60%
Figma 60%
Abode Illurstrator 60%
Abode Photoshop 50%
Adobe Animate 50%
Adobe lightroom 40%
Adobe Fresco 40%