Why did I decided to get into the world of technology?

I am truly passionate about many things (believe it or not) and technology is one of my passions.

you’re probably thinking how can one person be so passionate about so many different things? I ask myself the same question. My answer is if it; excites you, challenges you, gives you the opportunity to learn something new, offers you a space to be creative, innovative and most importantly potentially influence and bring positivity. Why should’t you be passionate about it! If it’s serving your personal development in becoming the super Saiyan you were born to be. Why not!

Technology is at the forefront of my generation…Everything is slowly becoming more digitised… be it Artificial intelligence, biometrics, web development/design, app/software development or even hardware development…etc. More and more people are turning to technology in life for a solution. To be honest I’m a very curious person and I often find myself asking why? or, how? quite a lot. Since I’ve gown-up around technology I’ve always been fascinated by it. I always found myself questioning how things work and why they work. I would pull computers apart just to see what was going on inside, then put them back together. I would do this just because it started to bug me that I didn’t know how something I would use every day worked. The not knowing was what really lead to me becoming so passionate about technology. I would’t like to call myself a know it all… but I am guilty of wanting to know a large portion of information about things that I interact with on a regular basis…and share my discoveries with who ever will listen to be honest.  As I believe knowledge is both freedom and power. The more we know the lest restricted we are and the more empowered we become…but that’s just what I think.

Remember how I said I know I’m not exactly going to change the world bashing keys on my laptop but I might as well try…Well that’s kind of what I find myself doing in this technology space, that I am currently part of. The endless possibilities that are attainable through the use of technology are pretty substantial and life changing if you ask me. It really is the future and I guess I just want to contribute in some aspect, to the ever changing world of technology. Who knows one day I could develop some life changing program that changes the world as we know it today. I know how ridiculous that might sound but what’s the point of setting myself goals that are achievable in my current world if I’m trying to change the one I live in today.

Until next time…

SarahDohertyOnline x