Website Design and Development

Everything you need to know about designing and developing a website.

Why Do I Need a Website?

Websites are essential to the success of any business as a website should be in place to make life easier for everyone and to streamline the way that your brand delivers customer service. Having everything all in one place that you have 100% control over is essential…Let’s say you conduct your business only via social media and low and behold ‘Instagram’ goes down! Worry not because your website is still live and people can still contact you, book you and even make payments! 

Your website should be the point of call for all of your customers. 

While being easy to mange and and scale as your business thrives. 

Will It Take Long?

Smaller websites can be delivered in 3-6 weeks whereas larger web projects will be delivered within a timeframe of 3-6 months depending on the complexity and functionality involved.

Why choose Sarah Doherty Online to develop your website?

It’s what we do!, It’s our bread and butter! We have over 10 years of experience building websites. 

All the websites we create are custom made and tailored to your business and customer needs. 

Website Services We Offer

Websites don’t just come together over night theres a few things you need before you have your final website and we’re here to help you! We can offer you all the services listed below or we can work to create a bespoke package depending on your needs!

Domain Registration - From £20pa*

We can register your domain name for you. 

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Website Hosting - From £200pa*

We will give your website a place to live.

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Custom Email Address - From £50pa*

Giving your business communication a professional look! Ditch the @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail etc… and get something bespoke to your business for example we use 


Website Design & Development - From £720*